“There is a moment in which we actually enter into personal union with Jesus and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. In that moment we are fully accepted and are fully sanctified up to all the light we have. But as light grows deeper and clearer He leads us farther down, and farther on, at once revealing and healing every secet thing that is contrary to His perfect will, as we are able to bear it, and bringing us into perfect conformity to the very nature and life of Christ” (The Holy Spirit, Vol. 2, pp. 229-230). 

“The emphatic word in (Eph. 5:18; Col. 2:10) both these verses is ‘filled.’ It is the Greek plaroo which means to fill full, so full that there will be no room left empty…. It does not mean to have a measure of the Holy Spirit, and to know a doo deal of Christ, but to be wholly filled with, and possessed by, the Holy Ghost, and utterly lost in the life and fullness of Jesus. It is the completeness of the filling which constitutes the very essence of the perfect blessing…. 

 The Nature of This Filling 

• It is all connected with a living Person. We are not filled with an influence; we are not filled with a sensation; we are not filled with a set of ideas and truths; we are not filled with a blessing, but we are filled with a Person. 

• The Person is the true fullness of every part of our life…. We are not filled unless we are filled in every part…. 

  1. He fills all the requirements of our salvation, all the conditions involved in connection with our redemption, reconciliation, justification…. 
  2. Christ fills the deeper need of sanctification…. It is all wrapped up in 
  3. Him and must be received as a free and perfect gift through Him alone (1 Cor. 1:30)…. 
  4. He is the fullness of our heart life. There is no place so sacred to us as our affections, no place so claimed by the great adversary of our souls, and so impossible to regulate by our own power and will…. 
  5. Christ will fill all the needs of our intellectual life…. 
  6. He will fill the needs of our body, for His body has been constituted, by the resurrection from the dead, a perpetual source of physical energy, sufficient for every member of His body the church, and adapted to every physical function and every test that comes in the pressure of human life, and the experience of a world where every step is beset with the elements of disease, suffering and physical danger…. 
  7. Christ will fill all the situations of providence and all the needs that arise in our secular callings and the circumstances of daily life…. 
  8. Christ will fill our need for happiness…. 
  9. Christ will fill that fundamental need on which every other experience of His fullness depends, namely, the faith that receives Him….

• To be filled with Christ is not only to be filled with the divine life in every part, but it is to be filled every moment. It is to take Him into the successive instants of our conscious existence and to abide in His fullness…. 

The Effects of the Divine Filling 

• It is the secret of holiness. There is a measure of the Holy Spirit’s life in every regenerate soul, but it is when every part of our being is filled with His love and possessed for His glory that we are wholly sanctified, and it is this divine fullness which excludes and keeps out the power of sin and self, even as it was the descending cloud upon the tabernacle which left no room for Moses within…. 

• It is the secret of happiness…. 

• It is the secret of power…. Only full hearts accomplish effectual work for God. Only the overflow of our blessing blesses others. 

The Conditions of Being Filled 

• He has promised to fill the hungry…. 

• The empty are always filled…. 

• The open heart shall be filled…. 

• We are filled by waiting upon the Lord in prayer, and especially in continued and persevering prayer…. 

• Service for God and for others is perhaps the most effectual condition of receiving continually the fullness of the Spirit….”

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