MEMORY VERSE: Psalms 126:1 “When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.”
BIBLE PASSAGE: Psalms 126:1-6 kjv


At least five possibilities exist in having a turning point in one’s life. These are when things go from bad to good, good to bad, bad to worse, good to better and a combination of any two or more of the categories. Obviously, these possibilities are determined by the decisions we make and circumstances in which we find ourselves in our abilities and limitations. The tide can have a negative or positive turn. May the Lord turn the tide in your favour as we study today, in the name of Jesus.



The tide has turned in different directions for different people from time immemorial:

  1. From bad to good- the four lepers in II Kings 7:1-8 once lived a healthy life before they were struck with leprosy. One day, however, through divine intervention, they became national heroes and wealthy.
  2. From good to bad [ I Sam 15:17-19)- Saul was chosen king when he was a nobody. He, however, disobeyed God and his situation was reversed- I sam 13:13-14; 15:22-23; 15:18;16:14

iii. From bad to worse- It was bad enough for Judas Iscariot to have betrayed Jesus Christ but things grew worse when he committed suicide- Matthew 27:5

  1. From good to better- Solomon was rich and through a generous offering he became the richest and the wisest king that ever lived- I Kings 3:4; 3:13’ 10:1
  2. Combination of turning points- King Nebuchadnezzar started well but his pride triggered off a bad turning point that turned him into a beast. He repented and God restored him- Daniel 1:1-2; 4:30-33;4:34-37.

Captive who is prepared to obey do the under-listed instructions will experience a new tide. Regardless of your present situation, you can experience a turning point for the better, if you do the following:
i. Repent, turn from your sinful ways and turn to God- II Chronicles 7:13-14

  1. Return and ask for mercy if you are already backslidden- Ezekiel 33:10-13

iii. Make restitution so that God can turn bad to good for you- Joel 2:25

  1. Redress, seek after God and His righteousness- Matthew 6:33; Heb 12:2; Ps 121:1-8
  2. Re-fire, do not quit. And keep moving as things will be better- Eph 3:20


Where you are and what you are, are functions of the choices and decision you made and still making. Make up your mind to get to the positive side of life. The tide is still turning

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