Temperance which means self-control is very uncommon these days in the body of Christ. 1 Cor. 9:27. There are people who have added to their faith virtue or good character. They also have knowledge but they lack self-control. This lack of self-control results in addiction. That’s why you see so many Christians who can divide the word of God but they have no self-control. They’re addicted to one sin or the other. To have self-control is to be dead indeed in Christ. For Christ death on the cross was not just that he died for us alone but we died with him 1 John 1:2-3. The only sin in the world is the disobedience of Adam. All the other sins we have like lies, stealing, fornication… are mainly fruits of the sin of Adam. disobedience which God also refers to as rebellion is the main sin while all other sins are its fruits. Rom. 8:19. Some people’s weakness is food. When they see food, they lose their self-control. Sexuality is another weakness. There are many others that money controls too. In this modern days, it’s shopping and spending extravagantly. For some, it is social media. For some it is sleep, it’s also laziness.

We must understand that the flesh always has a yearning which we must put under control. Each one of us has areas where we ought to put ourselves under control. These weaknesses should not be once mentioned among us. On the cross, Jesus dealt with sin which is disobedience and its fruits which are all other sins. Rom 6:1-end.

Rom 6: 6 was referring to the old man which is the Adamic nature which is crucified with Christ, Gal. 2:20. Christ was not crucified alone we were crucified with him. When a man dies he doesn’t have feelings or desires anymore. Vs 7, The life you live is not according to your desires and feeling because you are dead in Christ. You now live with Christ which is now a new life. Vs 11, The key to self-control is knowing, believing, acknowledge, believe that you are dead to sin. If you don’t do this you can’t put yourself under control. When you face your addictions, just remember and confess that you are dead indeed in Christ. We all know areas of our lives where we need self-control. The result of self-control is integrity. You must have that reckon at the back of your mind every second and confess always that you are dead in Christ and so your body must be under subjection. James 1:25, one of the things that all Christians should control is their tongue. James 3:3-12. Christians ought not to gossip or speak evil of our neighbours. This destroys churches. The same tongue that blesses should not be cursing. We must have self-control. Let’s pray for the grace for self-control. God bless you.

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