Perseverance with synonyms patience and endurance which means having the ability to stand, 1 Cor. 15:58, the Bible encouraged us here to be steadfast and unmovable whatever comes our way. We must do well to endure in life. The law of the process, when you start a thing, you must wait for it to grow and then reap the fruit of your labour. The Redeemed Christian Church of God was founded in 1952 but did not experience massive growth until about 1991. The church had to go through the time of endurance [the law of process].
Patience works perfection in us, James 1:3-4, That’s why after faith, we add virtue, knowledge and patience which leads us to perfection. Heb. 10:36. Heb. 6:12, the Bible says we receive our promise through faith and patience. After you have prayed and prayed, the next thing is to have faith and wait upon the Lord. That’s why against all doubt, Abraham believed in God. When God promised him to give him Isaac, Abraham had faith and waited for that promise to be fulfilled. So do your part and leave the rest to God. This is how perfection is built in us. Patience tries our faith to enable us or to try us if we really believe in God or not. Patience tries our faith to know the stuff it is made of. Gen 25:1, in the process of waiting, you must be in the place of prayer. Rebecca was in the place of prayer. If you are waiting and you are not praying the devil will take advantage of it, so for you to remain encouraged, you must be in the place of prayer. It doesn’t matter what circumstance is, when God has spoken then we must wait and pray. Sometimes the waiting period seems too long but we must endure so that we can inherit the promise. Say to yourself, what God cannot give me, let me not have it. If all we have does not come from our father in heaven then where are we expecting it from. God as our father gives us all good gifts and there is nothing impossible for him. 2Tim. 2:3-4, Paul likened a Christian to a soldier. a soldier is always ready for battle in and out of season. They are always training and endure all hardness. Soldiers never give up even when they’re losing. A lot of us have given up in so many aspects of our lives. We have given up on our jobs, marriages, children, ministries, calling and purpose in life. However, as a soldier of Christ, we must endure to attain God’s promise. We call ourselves soldiers of Christ and we lack the most important virtue that a soldier must possess which is endurance. If you wait to have things at your convenience then you are wasting your time because you are in a warfare, not a funfair. You are constantly at war with the enemy not playing with them. You must be violent and not give the devil chance to take over your life and then blame God for it.
We are also likened unto as farmers. If they do not sow then there will be no harvest so when the harvest comes which will always come they will have nothing to reap. Gal. 6:7, great people paid for their greatness. If you sow sparingly you reap sparingly. if you sow bountifully you reap bountifully. Christians we sow through prayers. We will know if you’re praying because the result will be clear, a lot of us Christians are good in public prayers but when they get to their personal closet all you hear is snoring. A farmer plants at the right time and it takes endurance to plant. In Europe you plough in winter [ and winter will always come], and this not a convenient time. Because after the winter the time to sow comes. We sow in Europe just as the winter is ending. Because if they don’t plant during that time then their plant will not spring forth during spring and they will not be able to harvest during summer. As Christians, endurance is needed to harvest at the right time. So as Christians you must always be in the place of prayers and not playing or else when others are reaping, you will have nothing to harvest. Fight your battle when you’re young when you have strength. This is the right time to take care of some battles of life because when you grow older, you will not be able to accomplish those tasks anymore. We must know life is in season. You have your wintertime, this is when you are just growing. Your parents and family do everything for you. Then your springtime comes when you invest your time. This is when you study, you pray, you invest, you sow… because your summertime is coming when you will reap what you have sown and you can no longer plant. And when your autumn comes, when you definitely have no strength anymore to do 1 Cor. 9:24. Here Christians are likened unto athletes. You can’t be an athlete if you are not constantly training because you must remain fit for the race. As Christians, we can’t keep fit if we do not pray and study the word and for this we need endurance. You must persevere in prayers and in studying the word because it takes endurance to bring forth fruit.
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